Housing development, Kimberley, Nottingham

Beech Architects has been appointed by 2 adjoining land-owners to design a scheme for residential development of 108 dwellings and a community park on the edge of the town of Kimberley.

The site is 70% Green belt, but is bordered by a dual carriageway, which we are proposing as the new green belt boundary to enable the development. The site will feature highly sustainable design.

Dwellings will have rainwater harvesting, passive solar design, very high levels of insulation and air source heat pumps. The site will also be extensively landscaped with village squares linked by homezone roads and large areas of native hedging and tree planting. The site is located within walking distance of an existing district centre with shops, schools and services and also 5 minutes from a high frequency bus route.



Kimberley, Nottingham