Straw bale eco-house, Ringsfield, Suffolk

An innovative straw bale, earth sheltered house using a myriad of eco-design approaches comprising recycled tyre retaining wall to the earth sheltered facade, cross-laminated timber construction to the primary structure with straw bale infill for insulation and breathable wall construction.

Passive solar design applied using glazing orientation and high performance specification to window openings & deep roof overhang for solar control. Local flint faced construction to plinth level.

The curved roof form extends to meet the natural site contours and visually ties the new building into the landscape by using a green ‘extensive’ roof system allowing a wild flower meadow to be planted over the building.

Internal thermal comfort is controlled via a MVHR system, which recycles the internal atmosphere to provide fresh air and simultaneously extract residual heat to conserve energy.

A buried tube system exploits naturally occurring heat within the ground to preheat the internal air.



Ringsfield, Suffolk