Suffolk ecostart, rural Suffolk

Beech Architects created designs for new low energy starter homes for rural Suffolk. These homes are designed to be pre-fabricated in a factory and then transported to site. They are then fixed onto pre-installed pad footings and service connections.

Each home is of modern timber frame construction and has been super insulated with sheepswool insulation. They are clad in recycled black rubber and feature solar heated hot water and air source heat pumps for heating. The homes feature 1 or 2 bedrooms and have a £60,000 construction budget in order that they can be sold to first time local buyers at an affordable price. The aesthetic is designed to fit in with the proportions of traditional pitched roof Suffolk dwellings and rural farm buildings. Lime rendered boxes provide an entrance lobby to the side of each unit and signpost the entrance. These can be painted by the residents to add their own identity to the design.



Rural Suffolk