Contemporary bungalow extension, Walsham le Willows, Suffolk

This contemporary bungalow extension obtained planning permission for a significant addition of open plan floor area to provide a stunning kitchen, living and dining space to the ground floor with ‘room in the roof’ accommodation to the first floor.

The scheme comprises demolition of existing conservatory and replacement with the extended wing with large glazed walls spanning across all elevations to provide views to the open countryside beyond.

The glazed walls provide a direct connection with the garden spaces beyond the living areas by bringing the inside and outside spaces together in a seamless link when the sliding glass walls are opened up.

The floor plates above the living area are set back from the outer wall to provide voids reaching up to the sloping roof beyond and provide a sense of volume to the ground floor areas, which would otherwise have too much enclosure.

The end gable elevation is glazed as much as possible to also provide a glass wall and open outlook from the master bedroom accommodation to the first floor. The connectivity with the external spaces and views are then further enhanced by the provision of a balcony from the bedroom with glass balustrade.



Walsham Le Willows, Suffolk